What we do

We offer vehicle acquisition and management solutions that delivers significant cost savings, reduced administrative hassles, increased productivity and risk mitigation to our Clients.

Our solution for corporates works on pay for usage model rather than fleet ownership; this provides flexibility to our Clients to have vehicles as per their usage taking away all the hassles of managing the fleet like servicing, maintenance, insurance, damage repair, registration renewal, replacement vehicle and end of term sale by just paying a fixed Lease Rental.

We also consult and help corporates to bench mark their policy which are best in class as per the industry standards.

Fleet for every need

  • Cars for Senior Managers
  • Cars for Field staff
  • Commercial vehicles ( Pickup, Buses, Trucks, PDO spec Vehicles etc)
  • Specialised (Business) vehicles
  • Personal lease

Why Lease

Lease is one of the most preferred option of fleet acquisition for the Corporates across the globe as it not just brings in significant cost saving but also provides reduced administrative hassles and risk mitigation on account of resale value risk, maintenance expenses and usage patterns.